Giới thiệu

Co., Ltd. Korea Electric Vietnam established since 2000. We have a team of technicians and skilled workers along with a system of machines, equipment and modern production, qualified highly automated. Scope Our activities are:

– Supply of switchgear: Aptomat, Contactor, medium and low voltage mowers, load 22kV breaker, ATS ..

– Provide protective equipment substation, digital roles motor protection …

– Provides low-voltage capacitor and medium voltage,

– Supply of components and assembly of electrical panels: Watches, lights, buttons, switches, …

– Metal sheet

– Production and assembly of electrical cabinets: Distribution cabinets, control cabinets, cupboards high and low voltage circuit breakers

– Production and assembly of dedicated power supply (for BTS) for the telecommunications industry

– Construction and installation of industrial and civil power

We were directly involved in the construction of many projects in the local power in the country. Providing the right kind of cabinets, all kinds of complete equipment, electrical equipment and automation for the power industry, cement, water conservancy, shipbuilding and many other industries. The company has direct relationships with manufacturers of electrical equipment: Schneider, Siemens, Hyundai, Deayuong, Koino, VitZotech … Since May 2006 the company has officially implemented the quality management standard ISO 9001-2000. In 2009 the Company was held Quancert assessment and certification ISO9001-2008 level next to the production line, assembling electrical panels. All the work the company has provided both construction and technical assurance, art, construction right and ahead of schedule, the strict implementation of procedures, technical regulations, ensure the absolute safety on people and equipment. Strictly implement the regulations in construction investment and the current regulations of the state as well as commitment to the customer.